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Exhibition of Artwork by Chongqing University and NDHU Students (2010/10/29)
An exhibition on artwork by students of Chongqing University and National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) was held from July 5 - 6, 2010 at the Art Building of NDHU Meilun campus.

Organized by the College of Fine Arts, and the Research and Development Office of NDHU, the exhibition displayed about 100 pieces of selected objects by 90 students from the College of Arts of Chongqing University and the College of Fine Arts of NDHU.

The 56 pieces of artwork from Chongqing University were in various forms, including Chinese painting, printmaking, watercolors, gouaches, sketches, calligraphy etc. These exhibits revealed the charm of Chongqing and demonstrated its ecological, historical, social, and cultural aspects. Displays of NDHU students extended to TV commercials, photography, artwork in installation, digital and multimedia, etc.

Other than the exhibition, a seminar was also held among students and faculty members. These activities provided opportunities to enhance the understanding, cooperation, and exchange of the two universities.
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