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NDHU Athlete Wins 1st in Orienteering (2010/11/02)
Athlete of National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) Orienteering Team won 1st in the 3rd National Secondary Schools Orienteering Contest held on October 30, 2010, in Taoyuan.

Ms Yi-Qing Chen, a junior in the Department of Economics, won 1st place in the Women (Open Grade). The competition was keen but her result did not come as a surprise for she was the women champion in the 2009 NDHU Cup Campus Run.

Mr Zhe-Hao Zhang, a 2010 NDHU graduate from the Department of Physics, took leave from the Marine Corps to take part in this contest. He finished the race as the 1st runner-up in the Men (Elite Grade).

The 3rd National Secondary Schools Orienteering Contest attracted many participants. With a compass and an orienteering map, contestants were required to find 13 control points and to navigate at speed for almost 5km in the Tiger Mountain Park in Taoyuan.
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