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NDHU Selected to 2011 International Youth Ambassador Program (2011-03-30)

An exchange proposal by National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) has been selected for the 2011 International Youth Ambassador Program.


Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International Youth Ambassador Program aims at strengthening Taiwan’s bilateral relations with allies.  The program enables students to befriend peoples from different parts of the world and showcase the culture of Taiwan.  The 2011 International Youth Ambassador Program attracted 107 proposals, out of which 37 were selected.


The NDHU proposal outlined a two-week exchange program with 80 senior school and college students of the Republic of Palau in this coming summer.  The program will focus on music and dance, handicraft, and food culture of the indigenous peoples as well as Austronesian culture.  NDHU will choose a delegation of six students for training and preparation for the exchange program in the Republic of Palau.


This is the second consecutive year for NDHU to participate in the International Youth Ambassador Program.  Last year, NDHU delegates visited the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

NDHU delegates of the 2010 International Youth Ambassador Program.




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