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Nobel Laureate Professor Yuan-Tseh Lee Speaks at NDHU (2011-05-03)

    Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Professor Yuan-Tseh Lee, gave a lecture entitled “Energy, Environment and Human’s Future” on May 2, 2011, at National Dong Hwa University (NDHU).
    In the lecture, Professor Lee pointed out the overexploitation of energy and its devastating effect on the ecological environment. He emphasized on the importance of sustainable development and the harmonious co-existence with mother nature. He also advised younger generations to focus on the welfare of mankind rather than of nations. An audience of over 800, including the NDHU community, senior high students and the public, flooded the auditorium with interest and enthusiasm.
    Professor Lee, the first Taiwanese Nobel Prize laureate, was born in Hsinchu City in 1936. He was educated in Taiwan at National Taiwan University for his undergraduate study, and at National Tsing Hua University for his master’s degree. In 1965, he earned his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. Over the years, he has been honored with numerous prestigious awards including the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1986.
    Other than his excellent academic achievements, Professor Lee has also taken an active role in promoting scientific and cultural developments in Taiwan. Though stepped down from the presidency of Academia Sinica, he continues his commitment to furthering the betterment of his home country and the sustainability of the Earth.

Prof. Yuan-Tseh Lee at NDHU (1).

Prof. Yuan-Tseh Lee at NDHU (1).
Prof. Yuan-Tseh Lee at NDHU (3).



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